Are you an educator in a USA Title 1 public school? Or in a similar situation elsewhere?
We may be able to provide you with donated access to the online One Globe Kids program at no cost to you.

How to Apply

To apply for donated access, you are asked to fill out a brief application and agree to the following terms:

  • Commit to use One Globe Kids in combination with the One Globe Kids ELA curriculum for K-2, for at least 3 weeks and a minimum of 450 minutes.
  • Show proof of your school’s Title 1 status.
  • Give One Globe Kids a review at Common Sense Media for teachers.
  • Submit digital photos of students using One Globe Kids in your school.(appropriate photo releases are the responsibility of the teacher)
  • Inform the parents of the students about 501(c)3 Globe Smart Kids and it’s One Globe Kids program.
  • Share a minimum of 2 tagged Facebook or Twitter posts.
  • Complete the APPLICATION Form.

Please remember that our ability to provide donated access is wholly dependent on donations, so requests will not be filled until donations are available—an unknown timeframe.
We will keep you posted and will try to be as fast as we can!


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