Innovation in Global Education

One Globe Kids Trade Show1

The Innovation in Education 2014 trade show (IPON2014) takes place every two years in The Netherlands, and this week One Globe Kids joined in the fun!

Our small stand attracted hundreds of teachers, student teachers, school directors and ICT directors from across The Netherlands and Belgium (and even a small contingent from the Czech Republic!).   We spoke with elementary and middle school teachers, geography teachers, language teachers, special education teachers and teachers of teachers.

And what did we learn?

One Globe Kids at IPON - our English-language banner

That what One Globe Kids is building and what our product offers resonates powerfully with teachers who want to prepare their students for success in the 21st century.

Visitors to our stand got a preview of our latest innovation: Globe Smart Education, an accompaniment to the One Globe Kids stories that offers teachers an engaging and easy way to incorporate global learning into the primary school classroom!

We’ll share more about Globe Smart Education in the coming weeks and months, but you can be certain it’s overarching goal is to help make the foreign feel familiar, preparing students for success in our globally connected world.

And the response we got at the trade show was a resounding, “YES!”

Students, we believe that “the world in is your hands.”  Whatever chance we have to prepare today’s children to care for our globe together, we have to go for it with everything we’ve got.  And that’s what we’re going to do.

Thanks also to everyone who visited and those who participated in our One Globe Kids 1 Promo Code Giveaway.

Bas and Wim drew two winners every evening!

Stay Globe Smart, Anne Glick


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