Why I support Globe Smart Kids – Philip Avery, Dir. of Education

Valuable Academic, Educational and Tech partnerships

As Director of Education for a small group of schools in the UK I’m drawn to excellent educational ideas that can involve my students. Linking our student expeditions to Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan in summer 2017 to the work of One Globe Kids by having students create new stories for them, was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass. Globe Smart Kids gets stories that are as unique in their perspective as the children’s lives in these countries. Our 14 – 16 year old students interacted with local people in such an in-depth way that it adds markedly to their experience. The students’ experience as storyteller journalists, documenting and writing real stories for a professional client, is so valuable to their development. The fact that all of this could be studied by the University of Kent, so that we learn about cultural competence and the valuing of diversity is an added bonus.

Real action for real kids and by real kids

So much is said about the need for tolerance and understanding in our fractured world. Very little of that talk turns in to action. Even less turns in to actions aimed at those who have the greatest chance to change things for the better, the young. The work of Globe Smart Kids is not only aimed at the young, but it is also about the young and it makes its point through two of the most powerful mediums available – stories and photographs. What is not to like about important, innovative, educational work!


Globe Smart Kids really interests me because I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The idea of connecting children from around the world fascinates me and I was so excited to have the opportunity to be part of the project..

The work Globe Smart Kids does is very important. Allowing children to have a wider understanding of other children’s lives’ and cultures is key to being able to easily interact with people who may be different from themselves.

This organisation seeks to connect children all over the world through virtual interactivity and photos. By supporting them you not only help the organisation, but also help other children appreciate the wider society that they may have previously been blinded from.

– Alicia, student at Bohunt and Globe Smart Kids storyteller journalist

Consider joining a movement!

If it was just the stories then Globe Smart Kids would just be a product. However, with the addition of the research, the willingness to involve others and Anne’s personality, it becomes far more than just that – it becomes a movement, a hopeful movement for change.

Please join the Globe Smart Kids mission to make the foreign feel familiar to kids worldwide!

Mr Philip Avery, Director of Education for the Bohunt Education Trust, UK.

Phil Avery and his students are the first to participate in Globe Smart Kids’ Collaborative Storytelling Project: an international project designed to engage high school students in the collecting and sharing of highly visual, real-life global children’s stories that promote cultural openness and cross-group friendship among young learners. Supported by the Frederick Soddy Trust and designed as an intercultural learning experience for the child who shares his/her story and the high school storyteller journalists.  


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