NEW FRIEND – Larasati in Indonesia

Larasati’s My Indonesia is the latest addition to the One Globe Kids virtual friends series and the first Muslim friend to tell you about her life.

Go on an adventure

Your day in Indonesia will start with Larasati waking up and ends with her family’s bedtime routine. Her story will take you to her school and to the arcade with her friends. She will also explain how she prays 5 times a day. You will meet her friends and family and be introduced to fun outdoor games (throwing flip-flops!) and delicious local food. Like all One Globe Kids friends, you can practice some of Larasati’s native language: count in Bahasa Indonesia and speak simple sentences, like “Mau ikut main?, – “Would you like to play?”.

Use in the classroom

In the free My Indonesia Education Toolkit, you will now find tips and activities for integrating both Aji’s and Larasati’s story into your teaching. Unlike Aji, Larasati lives in a city and she plays both indoors (arcade!) and outdoors. You will also find 18 questions to help students recall key details from her story.


Visit her today! Her story can be added to your free One Globe Kids album app or Online Friends collection at no cost till 03/01/2017. Or you will find her in your All Friends app ready to play.

Please, let us know what you love most about having Larasati as your new friend!

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Happy travels, Sanny Zuiderveld


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