We Love Maps! – Apps with Cities, Countries and Continents

We try to keep track of cool Globe Smart books, apps and materials that we can use to raise 4 global citizens amongst ourselves. We share this cool stuff once in a while on our Facebook page. Here are some of the favorites for maps in both my and Anne’s family: apps with maps! (and more)

  • apps with maps: Stack the CountriesBefore mentioning any others, we need to share Stack the Countries. The entire family plays this game, a lot! If you don’t know it yet, you might want to check it out! It is a fun and simple free app that let’s you answer basic questions about capitals, countries and continents. For each correct answer, a country shape with cute bold eyes will be ready for you to stack on top of other countries (like Tetris). Big countries stack on tiny ones and oh boy the excitement when one tumbles off to the side! Sebastian is able to recognize each African country by it’s shape only!


  • iWorldGeographyiWorldGeography® is a Montessori approved app that teaches continents and countries. I personally love the color scheme of these maps. Perfect as a forerunner for younger siblings that like to get their hands on the iPad while you play Stack the Countries!


  • apps with maps: leapfrogWe got the Leapfrog Explorer Smart Globe was a gift when my daughter was about 4 years old. Back then she liked to tap the globe and listen to the national anthems best. Now at almost eight, she uses it to locate countries and listens to what the globe has to “tell” about them.


  • apps with maps: News o MaticThis one one is not in the first place an app to teach geography, it doesn’t have many maps and it is a bit different from the rest. My work iPhone doesn’t have a lot of kids games, but whenever it ends up in the hands of a little one this is where they go: News-O-Matic. A daily news app that shares what is going on in the world right now with many fun and interesting options to click and tap. Be ready for some good conversations and though questions!


  • apps with maps: barefoot world atlasLast year, we came in 3rd in the Best apps for Elementary school list by AppoLearning, right after the beautifully designed Barefoot Atlas. Our kids love to just go around the globe and tap to see what comes up on the map. They have some cool y
  • Youtube videos to show what you are investing in. We already liked the books, and this is a great addition!

One Globe Kids, Maps of the World

  • The wall map in the picture hangs in the kids room in Anne’s house in Voorburg. She bought it at the MET in New York ( brand is Educational Insight) and she added all the One Globe Kids to it! You can do the same until the official One Globe Kids Maps are available (which is on our dream list!). Anne’s map is also available in Amazon.
  • In the MET store, you will also find a mega floor puzzle map. With so many puzzles out there it is hard to pick the perfect one. This one might come close.

We have many more! And you probably have too. Please let us know what to add to this list!

Stay Globe Smart, Sanny Zuiderveld



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