What goes into each One Globe Kids story?

One Globe Kids, stories from around the world, what goes into each storyLike many things in life, you don’t realize how complicated and involved a particular project can be until you find yourself smack-dab in the middle of it.

One Globe Kids is no exception, although definitely more fun than building a new bathroom from the studs up (so I’ve heard…)





Each story involves a few (seemingly basic, but often not) steps:

  1. Choose a country to visit;
  2. Make contact with families in that country who have a child that wants to be part of the series;
  3. Travel to country and spend several days with each child and their family, learn lots, meet many people, try a new language (fun, fun, fun!!!);
  4. Write the child’s story and select photos for it (many hours remembering all the fun and adventures we had together!);
  5. Translate the story into French and Dutch;
  6. Record three children reading each story: one in English, one in French and one in Dutch (very cool to meet so many kids who are interested in the rest of the world!);
  7. Put it all together in the One Globe Kids App Friends and Online Friends platform;
  8. Share (the best part)!

Stay Globe Smart, Anne Glick

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