10 Global Childrens’ Books: photos and stories from around the world

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What do you miss about pre-digital times?

Sometimes I wonder…. Will my daughter get that same happy feeling that I used to get whenever my grandma’s postcard landed in the mailbox? She does get postcards from her grandmas. However, she seems more excited when my mom sends her a message through the Talking Tom Cat App.

Although I see myself as an early adaptor of new technology, I also love handwritten letters, postcards with cool stamps and the feel of a paperback book. Not yet, but I know one day, I will miss that feeling of being in a beautiful library with books piled up to the ceiling, waiting for me to be found. And soon, I might have to say goodbye to the big neighborhood bookstore, where I spend so many afternoons studying books and book cover designs for the writing I was working on. I love good stories, I love to read and … I love my printed books still a little bit more than my eBooks. For now. Because they look better on the shelf.

One Globe Kids, stories from around the worldAs you probably know, One Globe Kids started out as an idea to make print picture books. (And we still haven’t totally thrown that idea overboard, since Anne has so many more great pictures of each friend that we would love to share someday!) And it is totally fine to see our app featured as a book or an eBook, like Educational Apps 4 Sale did.

Therefore, instead of making our own (yet), here is our list of print books that add to what we so believe in: our children will be kinder, wiser and happier because they know more about the globe we share. These 10 all have great full color photographs! (and of course we included some about food.)

Our list of 10 great childrens’ books with  photographs

To be a Kid by Maya Ajmera

Global Babies by the Global Fund for Children

Children from Australia to Zimbabwe: A Photographic Journey around the World by Maya Ajmera

Let’s Eat: What Children Eat Around the World eat by Beatrice Hollyer

One World, One Day by Barbara Kerly

Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World by Anabel Kindersley, UNICEF

You and Me Together: Moms, Dads and Kids Around the World by Barbara Kerley

Little Kitchen Around the World by Sabrina Parrini

In Our Village: Kambi ya Simba Through the Eyes of Its Youth by Next Generation Press

A School Like Mine by DK with UNICEF

The good thing about writing blog posts is the option for daily (if we wanted to) updates. If you have a book with great photographs to add to this list, we would love to hear!

And if you like to “Read Your Way Around the World”, check out this great blog with a booklist by continent!

Stay Globe Smart, Sanny Zuiderveld

PS: for the Drongo Festival we printed One Globe Kids postcards to be send by old fashioned snail mail. Want one in your mailbox? Let us know, we are happy to send them all around the globe!


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