Bring the world into your classroom!

Explore the world with this innovative global education program for the youngest students. With the award-winning One Globe Kids non-fiction stories, your students will meet real children and their families around the globe.

In the One Globe Kids virtual library you will currently find 10 friends to visit. Access their stories and interactive global friendship activities online or on Apple devices.

Launching in summer 2018 is our new One Globe Kids ELA curriculum for K-2! It’s the first global curriculum for K-2 that is specifically designed to teach essential global friendship skills. Sign up now and be the first to know when this amazing FREE resource is available for educators.

NEW One Globe Kids ELA curriculum

The new curriculum for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade allows teachers to meet English language arts (ELA) standards while teaching young students essential intercultural and 21st century skills. And it is FREE! As are the first two One Globe Kids friends you will ‘meet’.

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Cover ELA CCS with 11 lessons per grade

Each grade will explore the world through a dedicated theme: Family in K, Community in 1st and Citizenship in 2nd. 

You’ll meet reading comprehension, writing, language and listening & speaking standards while helping them develop the global knowledge, contact skills, culturally-open attitudes and prosocial behaviors needed for college and career success in our diverse world.

The FREE curriculum has a modular structure which gives flexibility to work with One Globe Kids for 3 or up to 36 weeks.

Sign up and you will be the first to know when all is available: Teacher Guides, Curriculum Structures, Lesson plansCCS alignment tables and more.