Trends in Re-imagine Learning – Let’s play Future

For the next generations to grow up happy and successful, learning, adapting and (international) connecting seem crucial. However, we still teach more history than future, more print than digital, more achieving than failing, and more local than global. Some say that education, as a system, can only be changed top down, starting with top universities. … Continue reading Trends in Re-imagine Learning – Let’s play Future

We #Play2Learn! Do you?

We are a #Play2Learn Re-Imagine Learning Pacesetter! Starting in June this year, we worked on getting all our input ready for the Re-Imagine Learning Challenge, a competition by The LEGO Foundation and Ashoka who are teaming up in an effort to transform the way the world learn. After weeks of receiving great feedback on One Globe Kids as … Continue reading We #Play2Learn! Do you?